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Keep Your Floors Clean

Hardwood floors are an expensive addition to any home. Like any type of flooring, hardwood floors go through a large amount of foot traffic, especially in entryways. Shoes can track in sand and dirt, and over time these things can actually damage the floor. It is important to frequently clean your floors to keep them clean and protected.

It is important to have your floors professionally cleaned at least once a year. This allows the floor to be both deeply cleaned and to also have a protectant applied. Professional floor cleaning extends the life of your floor if done regularly every year. Just like any possession, if your floors are well-taken care off, they will last longer and hold up to the wear and tear of daily use.

The Cleaning Process

At Heaven’s Best we use a unique cleaning process to clean your hardwood floors and protect them to make them resilient to dirt and grime. In our cleaning process, we thoroughly remove dirt, dust, and grime before we apply any cleaning solution. By removing the foreign debris, we make sure it isn’t pushed into the floor. We then apply our cleaning solution after removing contaminants. After scrubbing the floor we will apply a protectant to make sure it is kept clean for longer and protected from future spills.

Our Team

At Heaven’s Best we used trained cleaning technicians to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. We make sure you know the price before we do the job so there are no surprises. Give us a call today and get a free estimate on any of the services that we offer. Take advantage of having our cleaners in your home by getting your carpets cleaned as well. Find out for yourself why Heaven’s Best really is the best!

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